2019 Willow Tournament

The Tenterfield Golf Club’s Willows Tournament was established many years ago to attract visiting players to Tenterfield and district. It has become a hugely popular event over the years being of great benefit to the club and the town.

In 2019 it was played on the 16th & 17th of February. Below are the results

Willows 2019 results for posting, thank you:

Friday February 15, Medley Stableford:
Winner: David O’Reilly (Ipswich GC) 43 pts. c/b.
R/up: Matt Sharpe (Ipswich GC) 43 pts. c/b.
Third: Nick Payne (Keperra GC) 43 pts.
NTP - 9th James Jerome (Tenterfield GC) 218 cm. 18th Troy Avenell (Ipswich GC) 193 cm.

Saturday February 16
Winner: Terry Butler & Rob Lee (Tenterfield GC) 47 pts. c/b.
R/up: Ditch Bartlett & Phil Buchhorn (Logan City GC) 47 pts. c/b.
Third: Jeff Little & Michael little (Casino GC) 47 pts.
Fourth: Greg Sauer & Matt Henry (Tenterfield GC) 46 pts.
NTP – 6th Luke Turner (W/Evans Head GC) 255 cm. 9th Peter O’Connor (W/Evans Head GC) 120 cm. 13th Evan Bentley (Ipswich GC) 211 cm. 18th Alan Marsh (Kyogle GC) 250 cm.

Winner: Kathy Adams & Roni Foster (Tenterfield GC) 47 pts.
R/up: Maddy Deveson & Kay Thornton (Ballina GC) 44 pts.
Third: Kerrie Fletcher & Sharon Bass (W/Evans Head GC) 43 pts. c/b.
Fourth: Amy Hobbs (Casino GC) & Jacki Bratti (Armidale GC) 43 pts.
NTP (2nd shot) – 6th Lesley Sweeney (Kyogle GC) in hole. 9th Jenny Meagher (Tenterfield GC) 30 cm. 13th Kathy Adams (Tenterfield GC) 8 cm. 18th Ann-Louise Kelly (City GC) in hole.

Sunday February 17
Winner: Jim Perkins & Elwyn Macney (W/Evans Head GC) 46 pts. c/b.
R/up: Mark Bayliss & Graham Tipping (Ipswich GC) 46 pts. c/b.
Third: Ken Hines & Ashley Harrison (Tenterfield GC) 46 pts.
Fourth: Hubcap Newstead & Ross Harvey-Williams (W/Evans Head GC) 45 pts.
NTP – 6th Matt Hobbs (Armidale GC) 210 cm. 9th Ben Hottes (Grafton GC) 168 cm. 13th Michael Cutmore Jnr (Tenterfield GC) 255 cm. 18th Col Griffiths (Kyogle GC) 331 cm.

Winner: Jenny Meagher (Tenterfield GC) & Marie Cook (Wallangarra GC) 45 pts.
R/up: Judy Swan & Narelle Besseling (Ballina GC) 44 pts.
Third: Reinie Kinsley (Casino GC) & Gillian McLaughlan (Grafton GC) 43 pts. c/b.
Fourth: Robyn Eastgate & Lesleigh Milton (Tenterfield GC) 43 pts.
NTP(2nd shot) – 6th Jacki Bratti (Armidale GC) in hole. 9th Judy Swan (Ballina GC) 77 cm. 13th Sharon Carberry (Ballina GC) 27 cm. 18th Kay Thorton (Ballina GC) in hole.

36 hole event Men:
Winner: Brett Adams & David Foster (Tenterfield GC) 98 pts.
R/up: Nick Payne & Tim O’Reilly (Keperra GC) 94 pts. c/b.
Third: Gary Sutcliffe & John Edmonds (Tenterfield GC) 94 pts. c/b.
Fourth: Michael Cutmore Snr & Michael Cutmore Jnr (Tenterfield GC) 94 pts.
Fifth: Brian Lanz (Deepwater GC) & Jason Austin (Tenterfield GC) 91 pts.
Sixth: Nathan Langdon & James Peterson (Keperra GC) 89 pts.

36 hole event Ladies:
Winner: Leigh Geddes & Ann-Louise Kelly (City GC) 90 pts. c/b.
R/up: Pauline Ryan & Marie Edwards (Ballina GC) 90 pts.
Third: Kerri Wheeler & Cate Wilmot (Pittsworth GC) 89 pts. c/b.
Fourth: Emma Gianoli & Bernadette McIntyre (Tenterfield GC) 89 pts.
Fifth: Anita Ryle & Donna Pett (City GC) 86 pts. c/b.
Sixth: Jenny Stratford & Dawn McMeniman (Tenterfield GC) 86 pts.