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Here are the Weekly Results from all of the golf events.

Results for April 14 – 15

This Weeks Results

TGC Results for the weekend April 14 – 15:

Saturday April 14, Stroke, Round 3 Men’s Club Championship (Gary Sutcliffe Trophy):
Winner: Mitch Austin 70.
R/up: Peter Zannes 71 c/b.
Captains Stakes to Karl Braund 71, Barry Daly 71, Don Iedema 71, Phil Mannion 71, Mark O'Neill 72, John Augustson 72, Robert Lee 73, Neil Gale 73, Ron Johnson 73, Stephen Dobson 74.
Pin Shots - 6th: Ben Austin 188 cm. 9th: James Shaw 170 cm. 13th: Garry Nicholls 440 cm. 18th: Garry Nicholls 335 cm.

Sunday April 15, Stroke, Round 4 Men’s Club Championship (Kingston Park Trophy):
Winner: James Shaw 69.
R/up: Don Iedema 71 c/b.
Captains Stakes to Phil Mannion 71, Richard Ainsworth 73, Stephen Dobson 73, Ashley Harrison 75.
Pin Shots - 6th: Ben Austin 1140 cm. 9th: Alan Jones 502 cm. 13th: Stephen Dobson 273 cm. 18th: ------

Men’s Club Championship:
Club Champion 2018: Barry Daly 301 gross (Terry Kneipp Trophy)
R/up: Stephen Dobson 302 gross.
B Grade Champion: Phil Mannion 348 gross (Phil Ainsworth Trophy)
R/up: Mark O'neill 351 gross.
C Grade Champion: Graham Rossington 382 gross (Peter Curry Trophy)
R/up: John Edmonds 392 gross.
Senior Champion: Neil Gale 324 gross (TVGA Trophy).
A Grade Net Winner: James Shaw 290.
A Grade Net R/up: Mitch Austin 295.
B Grade Net Winner: Peter Zannes 291.
B Grade Net R/up: insufficient player numbers.
C Grade Net Winner: Don Iedema 290.
C Grade Net R/up: Denis Parsons 307.

Coming up:
Saturday April 21, Mixed 4BBB Stableford (Edmonds Family Trophy) Medley Single Stableford (Club Trophy)
Sunday April 22, Regional Australia Bank NEDGA Men's Championship.